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Bringing molecular methods to the field  through innovative patent-pending nucleic acid extraction technology

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Point of Instant Need Technologies seeks to change the way molecular testing is done.


Our Patent-Pending DNA and RNA extraction method is game changing technology which allows anyone to extract DNA or RNA from samples in the field, on location, or in a laboratory


Our kits require no power, extra equipment, or advanced skills. Simply collect your samples and use the premeasured reagents to complete your extraction

Brewery Microbial Spoiler Lab Service 

Using our patent-pending extraction technology we provide DNA based testing for microbial spoilers in beer

Bacteria and yeast can spoil beer leading to:

  • Bad smells
  • Gross taste
  • Exploding cans


Our Services

DNA based qPCR Testing

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Bacterial Spoilers

Test for known spoilers Lactobacillus & Pediococcus. Our DNA based testing keeps non spoiler species from giving false positives. 

Yeast Spoilers

Test for Brettanomyces & S. diastaticus variant. 


Our team of microbiologists have over 40 years of experience combined. 

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Who We Are

Point of Instant Need Technology is a biotechnology manufacturer and service lab. 

We make easy to use DNA extraction kits for various test samples including:


Oil & Gas


Our team of experience researchers, biotechnology engineers and innovators is dedicated to bringing molecular methods out of the lab and into the field for on site use when time is paramount to getting results.

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